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Mentoring & Coaching

There are many leaders and managers who has been very successful in their professional career, however after a certain point a phase comes where they stuck up and need a mix of mentoring and coaching to progress further in their career. These professionals are very capable, however right mentoring and coaching can make significant positive impact in their professional journey.

At these professionals, only coaching or only mentoring may not be sufficient, they need mix of both and hand-holding to take them through to their next orbit. We at dezin provide annual membership packages, which takes care the needs of these professionals and provide them much needed support.

There are many young professionals who want to give new direction to their family business and take it to next orbit. They also need hand-holding in form of Mentoring & Coaching to clear their doubts and support them with latest trends and practical wisdom to move forward.

Dezin’s Mentoring and coaching programs are very helpful to these young professionals also. As these companies have roots in family emotions and value system, it is very important to understand Indian values and diversity while mentoring these young professionals.

Coaching and Mentoring share many of the same characteristics, lying along a structured conversational continuum. Although there are different viewpoints. One school of thought believes that coaching takes the form of a non-directive intervention, while mentoring allows for directive advice giving. While other school of thought suggest that both ought to be non-directive and are based on coaching skills, but that a difference arises in the level of relevant knowledge and willingness to contextualise and share this expertise.