Marketing in the Future

The way market and market dynamics are changing, marketing is also bound to change in future. these changes will in marketing scenario call for business leadership coaching or Leadership coaching. competence and orientations of our marketing leaders are needed to face this upcoming market scenario.

some of the changes will be as-

  1. Buyers will select the best brands in the future without needing much help from “advertising or sales people” because marketing success will depend mainly on smart pricing, strong branding and owing dominant Distribution channel positions. this means that we need to Provide Executive coaching to our leaders to create this kind of marketing plan.
  2. Marketing creativity will be crucial. as a matter of fact, you have a lot of people in a company who are very good professional marketers. they are able to sell the goods, you have produced. that is not enough. you want entrepreneurial marketers those who are coming up with ideas of new things to market so we want to add entrepreneurial marketing to the professional marketers. this means that conventional practice of sales team and marketing team concept will not work.
  3. Marketers who make use of “Customer Journey mapping” and “touch point marketing” and more work with personas and “content” and “influencers” things.
  4. Marketers will use virtual reality to gauge buyers’ interest in possible future products, before actually the company making those products. this calls the role of customers in the planning of products. we can’t take customers for the grant.
  5. Marketers will use neural science to identify the best stimuli, in other words, you may have hired a sociologist, but neuroscientists are people who have studied the human brain and they can add value to you marketing programs.
  6. Marketers will use predictive analytics and machine learning to identify and convert the best prospects.

it will be the new age marketing or we can say marketing of the future, where we need different skill set and orientation among our sales and marketing teams. we can address these new challenges with the help of Leadership Coaching or Executive Coaching through ICF Certified Coaching.