What Role are you Playing?

In Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, there are many good Pharma companies are there, who are not performing as per their potential. these companies look for Coaching and Consultancy services for their Pharma Business Turn around. Many of them reach Business consulting firms in India. However, every industry has its own kind of issues.

In the Pharma industry, we have too many hierarchies and all these hierarchies are assigned certain roles & Responsibilities. however, when we see practically different companies, many hierarchies do not play their own roles. rather they play one or two roles down. the simple reason for this is that people are more comfortable playing one or two roles down, as they have done that in past and they have comparatively expertise there.

In this process, the organization loses the very purpose of hiring this person (When the person does not work as per the Role & Responsibilities assigned to him). secondly, when this person plays one or two roles down, this makes the line people uncomfortable. this leads to interpersonal relationships and compatibility issues in the team.

In the Indian pharmaceutical industry, where long hierarchies are working trust and teamwork is paramount. in the team setup, either different hierarchies complement each other work or they simply pull it down. It became very important to Pharma Leaders to see what role each of these team members is playing. Pharma Leaders also need to ensure proper role & responsibilities allocation in the organization as per the need and stage of business.

In the process of Pharma Business Turnaround, this is one of the very basic steps. there can be difficult to handle Pharma Leaders in hierarchies, there we can take the help of Leadership Coaching or Executive Coaching.

At Dezin, in the domain of Pharma Coaching we offer executive coaching and Leadership Development, apart from Leadership Coaching, Pharma customized Training through our ICF-PCC Coaches. Dezin Consulting Private Limited is one of very few Pharma and Healthcare business consulting service providers, that offer ICF Certified Coaching, and Pharma Business Turnaround.